Top 10 Twitter Moments of 2010 ~ Personal

31 Dec

I’ve been on twitter for almost 2 years now and it hasn’t disappointed me yet!

2010 was a year of fantastic growth for twitter and for me.  And I have to say that a lot of the great things that came my way this year were in large part due to the little microblogging platform that we love so dearly.

Here are the ones that come to my holidazed mind….all names will be in twitter speak.

  • Social Media Futures / weekend-long charrette that @rotolo invited me to attend, along with @danklamm, as guest blogger & tweeter.  This was my first ‘professional’ gig.  Great experience where I got to meet some of my future co-workers and compatriots including @alyssahenry @dhrosen @tricialing @shaycolson @amedmunds @georgegsmithjr @frosey @nickcicero and many others.  Loved the environment of this collaborative effort held in the Colab Playhouse, which I hear will be no longer, and that’s a damn shame.
  • SU Basketball Games / If there’s one thing I remember about last winter, it’s the rush I got while sitting at home watching SU hoops and being able to share the game with SU fan tweeps all over the country!  This was the first time I think I really discovered the power of twitter to bring a community together.  We were all rooting for @j_flynn and @w_johnson and making a run for the final four!  The best part of one of those nights was when we won a game in NY and the Empire State Building was lit up orange.  Guess that’s becoming something of a regular occurrence 😉
  • Meeting @bethebutterfly in NYC /  This was awesome.  I went to NYC with @aachie35 for fourth of July weekend.  I was going to write a post back then about how it was my ‘social media weekend’ because every part of it was infused with SM, but I never got around to it.  Anyways, when I checked into the W @ Union Square on @foursquare, @bethebutterfly tweeted at me and said she was nearby, would I like to meet for drinks.  @aachie35 (who has since realized this is perfectly normal) thought it a bit strange, but agreed to go along with me.  @bethebutterfly took us to Pure Food & Wine in Gramercy where I  was introduced to White Sangria (delish) and we hung out in the hidden courtyard.  She was great, the place was great…but the best part was this I told her she ought to check out @LvM, that I thought they would hit it off.  As witnessed on twitter, they did hit it off and became friends.  Score! 
  • Winning a suite weekend from @bryantparkhotel / @bryantparkhotel is probably the coolest place I’ve ever stayed in NYC.  When I found them on twitter and realized that they were doing awesome SM marketing as well, I promoted them whenever I could.  They ran a contest to help them get to 5K followers back in the spring, early summer.  To win, you only had to RT them sometime during the time of the contest until they reached 5K.  Imagine my surprise when they tweeted at me that I won!!  This is about an $850 prize ~ biggest thing I’ve ever won!  I’m planning on taking my daughter for the weekend in April, for our traditional spring break trip to the City.  It’s her fav hotel too 🙂 [Note:  I just won another 2 nights in a loft B&B in Atlanta during the holiday #SMManners chat.  Figuring out what to do with that!]
  • Wegmans / @Wegmans has been a big part of my twitter consciousness this year.  @wegmans is amazing on twitter, everybody knows that.  I actually wrote a blog post about how awesome they are after they started carrying my favorite @starbucks drink because I asked them to.  But not just that, how they conduct their customer service overall is amazing, on twitter and IRL.  When @wegmans came to campus to speak in @rotolo’s class, the SM team told me that was their favorite bog post!  In addition, @wegmans became part of the #pricechopperfail controversy that went down early in the fall, not for doing anything, but just because what started it all of was a tweet comparing the grandeur of @wegmans to the pitiful state of Price Chopper.  This became a big part of my world for a few weeks, and brings me to one of my very favorite twitter moments:
  • Being tweeted at & twitter quoted during a live newscast/ @mattmulcahy was covering the #pricechopperfail story on the 10pm news the night of the appearance of the CEO of Price Chopper in @rotolo’s class.  I was tweeting during the newscast about the fact that we were being covered, and the live twitterfall was featuring many of our twitter friends.  During a break, @mattmulcahy tweeted at me to see if I had any further comments about the events surrounding the visit of Price Chopper’s team to @rotolo’s class.  I tweeted back at him and he read it on air as I watched.  Very surreal!
  • Twitter friends becoming real friends, working with me at SU and in social media/I can point to several real life friends who over the past year have gotten jobs at least in part due to their twitter presence.  @jpedde went from 0-70 in less than a year on twitter, and was working in social media within 6 mos of returning to the US from S. Korea.  I first connected with her on @linkedin and convinced her to join twitter, against her objections.  She was very quick study :).  @kimincuse became known to me through twitter and I met her IRL just as I was leaving my position in Career Services. At one point she had confided in me that she was looking to work for the University.  When I met her, I felt like I already knew her, and that she would be a great fit for the position I was vacating.  I encouraged her to apply and she ended up getting the job as Alumni Programs Coordinator.  So now she gets to work with my BFF @danklamm and soon (!) one of my other twitter BFFs!! [to be shortly announced…soooo excited about this].
  • This list would not be complete without talking about another person who got their job in large part due to twitter:  yours truly.  Long story short…I took @rotolo’s class in the Fall of 2009, got to know him and stayed in touch after the class ended.  I told him right up front that I was really interested in doing social media professionally.  However, at this point, there were no such positions at SU.  By the time Spring rolled around, @rotol had been named Social Media Strategist for SU, the official twitter account for @syracuseu had been launched and @syracuseischool had been contracted to handle the University’s social media presence.  When a position was being created for a Community Manager for the University & the iSchool, @rotolo approached me to see if I was interested.  Ummm….yes!!!  Shortly thereafter I had a meeting with Dean @lizliddy and the rest is history.  Dream job accomplished.
  • Afternoon with @nunesmagician/ This was one of my favorite days of the year.  Even before I was the Community Manager (CM) for @syracuseu, I was well aware that @nunesmagician was one of the most popular SU sports bloggers.  I also knew that he lived in Seattle, and I had missed meeting him when he was here during football season for his book signing.  When I knew I was going to be in Seattle with @syracuseischool for Social Media 101,  I tweeted @nunesmagician to see if he would be coming to our event.  He said he planned on it and DM’d me to offer to show us around the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle the day after our event.  Ater I checked Wikipedia to see what Fremont was all about, I was ready to go!  On the appointed day, @rotolo @juliewalas and I took a car over the bridge from downtown Seattle and met @nunesmagician at the Fremont Coffee shop.  This is the coffee shop he frequently works out of, and let me tell you, they make one mean white mocha!  Sean spent several hours with us showing us the sights of Fremont, culiminating with a climb up the hill at Gasworks Park with an amazing view of the city of Seattle.  After a pizza slice “the size of your head” at Ballroom, we were ready to head to the airport.  @nunesmagician’s hospitality was a highlight of my trip to the West coast and a great day with friends.
  • iPad via tweet/ Everyone who knows me already knows this story…but I’m telling it again for posterity.  The first night of our @syracuseischool trip to LA, we had an event at SONY Studios.  I was live tweeting and taking lots of pictures.  At one point I sat down off to the side and in front of me I noticed the professional photographer for the event downloading and manipulating his photos on an iPad.  I tweeted:  “I really need an iPad.  Amazing photo apps would make my life so much easier in situations like tonight.”  Within minutes, I saw the following come across my screen…

 ““““““““““““““““““““““lizliddy You got it! RT @KellyLux: I really need an iPad. Amazing photo apps …“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““

The Dean of @syracuseischool gave me an iPad via tweet. 

What else could I say to that but #AWESOME and TYVM?!?

Those two words sums up everything that has happened during 2010 via twitter.  Even when I was going through some rough times, my tweeps were there for me.  I haven’t been able to list everything that happened, because things happen so quickly and so often it’s almost impossible to keep track without writing them down.  So don’t feel bad if I didn’t mention our awesome twitter moment.  I want to do a final shoutout to some of my tweeps who didn’t make it into the post (only for the sake of length), but have meant a ton to me this year: @claudinerenee (my twitter twin), @tracytilly (my first twitter friend), @rmahtani (my design advisor).  And I would be remiss without mentioning @divacoachdabney who is teaching me ‘to walk in my own magnificence’…she’s truly a unique and positive presence on twitter and I hope to meet her IRL in 2011.  Love you all!!


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2 responses to “Top 10 Twitter Moments of 2010 ~ Personal

  1. Tracy

    January 1, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Kelly – What an awesome post. Matt and I still see resistance from SO many people about twitter and I often regale them with stories about you, Dan, the others, that have changed my life… it’s insane how you can create such an amazing relationship that starts via twitter.

    I hope 2011 ups the ante on these amazing moments for you!!!

    • kellylux

      January 1, 2011 at 11:41 AM


      Thanks so much for your comment! Is people like you who make twitter such a pleasant place to hang out on a daily basis 🙂 I’m so glad we met for lunch that 1st time @ Tully’s & how everything has turned out since then. I know we’re both going to have amazing 2011s!!

      Sent from my iPhone


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