@rotolo meets @biz

13 Jun


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The highlight of attending this past weeks Mirror Awards,was when I snapped this picture of Anthony Rotolo, Social Media Strategist for Syracuse University, meeting Biz Stone, founder of Twitter. Biz was graciously posing for photographs after the luncheon ended and then slipped into the crowds of Manhattan unnoticed. The man who helped changed the world was unassisted and unable to hail a cab in front of The Plaza.

One more thing of note. The AT&T coverage in New York City is notoriously awful, and proved itself again to be so during the Mirror Awards. An award for Twitter, and we were unable to Tweet.

There is a huge Apple store right across the street from The Plaza too. And guess, what — my phone said ‘no network coverage’ right there in front of the home of the iPhone & iPad.


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2 responses to “@rotolo meets @biz

  1. Pat Steer (Gaelen)

    June 14, 2010 at 3:37 PM

    Unfortunately, Kelly, it’s too true about NYC’s ATT coverage (and one of the reasons I stayed w/Verizon and went Blackberry, much as I wanted that PalmPre.)
    They say NYC is an iPhone town and DC is a Blackberry town – but at least in NYC, my Verizon Blackberry can always find a signal as long as I’m above ground. 😉

    Very cool that Biz Stone was so accessible!

  2. Tracy Tillapaugh

    June 16, 2010 at 6:35 AM

    Kelly – What a nice post about the @rotolo meeting @biz… how awesome of an experience! What tweets that did come through from all of you were fun to read… thanks for sharing this.

    Hopefully AT&T gets their act together soon!


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