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04 May

For the past couple of months, my colleague Dan Klamm and I have co-hosted the #CCchat on Twitter.  We answer questions from (mostly) college students and new grads about their job and internship searches, interviewing, resumes & cover letters and a variety of other career-related topics.  We’ve been doing the chat every other Tuesday at 8 pm and have had a pretty good variety of participants, including other college career professionals, recruiters and career expert friends.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, i’ts actually a lot of fun.  You follow the hashtag (in this case #CCchat) either by searching twitter for that hashtag, or using a site like to make it simpler.  When you follow along, you will see all the tweets that come in from all the participants.  It may be intimidating at first to jump in, but all the chats I have seen are very welcoming, so introduce yourself and join the conversation.

This week, we decided to forego our chat since, at Syracuse University at least, it’s getting to be finals week and we weren’t sure what type of audience we might attract.

Our goal is to make #CCchat into a valuable social media destination and we would love to have you weigh in on how we can do that.  So here’s where we need your help:

1)  Do we continue #CCchat after graduation, or do we take the summer off and start again at the beginning of the fall semester?  We are willing to continue through the summer since we know that there are lots of new grads out there who can benefit from the chat.  On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself participating during the summer break, we can regroup and come back at the end of August or early September.

2)  Whenever we come back, would it be helpful to change to a later time?  We’re currently at 8pm EST, but are considering moving to 10pm, EST since many of our students have classes until 9 pm and we know that would be easier for anyone who wanted to follow on the west coast, where many of our new grads land.

3)  What are the topics or questions that would be most helpful to focus on?  What burning questions do you have that take longer than a tweet to answer and would generate a good conversation?  Since this is College & Career Chat, we can always address the issues that aren’t covered in other job chats, like career fairs and changing majors.  It’s up; to you.

I welcome your comments, questions and feedback.  We look forward to making #CCchat an hour that you look forward to where you can meet interesting new tweeps and find valuable information that will help you in your college & career endeavors.  Thanks for your help!

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One response to “College & Career Chat on Twitter: #CCchat

  1. Andrea Genevieve

    June 14, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    I would love to help you moderate or at least start up the chat again in the Fall. I am a PR adjunct at St.Edward’s University in Austin, TX and just launched a personal branding and career prep consulting agency for students called BrandKit at I actually met some of the Syracuse iSchool students at the Personal Branding 2.0 conference in NYC a few weeks ago and would love to connect more. Let me know what the consensus is about the chats and if you are looking for help I’m happy to help in any way. I think the 10 EST is probably a good time to host the chats, unless you want to span it across a few hours, depends on your typical turn out.

    Enjoy the summer!
    Andrea Genevieve


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